• Disaster Management is a two-day event that looks at the impacts a range of disaster events can have on the owners of critical assets; and provide tools to help your organisation minimise the impact of a disaster, and emerge stronger than ever before

We are living in an age where the threat of disaster is constantly imminent. The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted this in a catastrophic way.

Disaster can take many shapes or forms. It could be a natural disaster, such as bushfire, flood, drought, or extreme heat. It could be a disease outbreak, like what we’re currently dealing with in COVID-19. Or it could take the form of a terrorist attack, whether that be on your physical assets, or a cyber terrorism attack on your systems. Or it could be something more obscure, like the threat of an industrial accident, an economic crisis, or a resource crisis.It could happen six months from now, it could happen five years from now, or it could happen tomorrow.

Whenever it happens, or whatever form it takes, if you’re involved in the worlds of infrastructure, utilities or local government, you need to be thinking about how your organisation will prepare for, survive, and then thrive in the face of disaster.

And the best place to make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest industry thinking when it comes to surviving crisis situations is at Disaster Management.

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The people behind the event


Disaster Management is hosted by Monkey Media, a trade publisher and full-service marketing agency.


Monkey Media publishes Infrastructure, Utility and Energy magazines, which are the must-read publications for their respective industries; and the titles of choice for decision makers at all levels of building and construction across utilities, energy, roads, transport, rail, airports and ports.


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Monkey Media’s event philosophy


Unlike a typical event company, we focus only on the areas where we already have a deep knowledge and connection.

Our conference programs are put together by our knowledgeable editors with a strong emphasis on providing useful information and creating genuine discussion around topical issues.

Our events regularly attract some of the most senior executives in our target industries and are recognised by attendees as being among the very best conference and event experiences they have had.


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