Local emergency services in Mount Barker, South Australia, will soon benefit from almost $700,000 in funding from the 2019 State Budget.

The funding, which totals almost $4 million over the forward estimates, will go towards vital emergency services to resource the Mount Barker region through the South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS).

The MFS recently began utilising a retained fire station model, equipping 18 trained local residents with response capabilities in Mount Barker, to respond to incidents as required.

Minister for Police, Emergency Services and Correctional Services, Corey Wingard, said Mount Barker had been identified as an area which has experienced population growth and a changing demographic in recent years.

“We have seen the population in and around the Mount Barker area steadily grow over the last decade,” Mr Wingard said.

“The town itself has become more urbanised and it required a strong emergency services presence, specifically the MFS, in the community.

“The retained fire station model in Mount Barker will ensure firefighters are on call within the region to respond to emergencies.

“The Marshall Liberal Government is building emergency services in Mount Barker.”

Mount Barker became the 17th site across South Australia to utilise the retained model.

The funding follows commitments made in previous Budgets.