The ACT Government has appointed the fifth Commissioner for the ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) for a five-year term to August 2024.

Former Chief Officer of the ACT State Emergency Service (ACTSES), Georgeina Whelan, was announced as the new commissioner.

Prior to her time with the ESA, Ms Whelan led various front line teams and international disaster management operations, including the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami in Banda Aceh.

Ms Whelan is highly regarded in the emergency services sector and across government and will bring a renewed focus on the safety, training, health and wellbeing of ACT first responder staff and volunteers.

Ms Whelan brings strong leadership experience from across defence and emergency management roles that will benefit the ACT. Her experiences as part of the Australasian Fire and Emergency Services community has meant that she has quickly and confidently step into the Commissioner role.

Ms Whelan said it was a privilege to be appointed to the role and have the opportunity to build upon the work of previous leadership.

“It is an exciting time to be leading the Agency as we embark on a period of innovation that will ensure we remain at the forefront of the emergency response capability provided to our community,” Ms Whelan said.

“I look forward to engaging with our community and partners to inform the work of each of our four Services and the Agency as a whole. I will be working closely with each of the Service Chief Officers to ensure effective leadership of our dynamic team of staff and volunteers as we progress toward the next phase of the Agency’s maturation.”