Critical flood mitigation works in the Yarrawonga Catchment area in the Northern Territory have been completed as part of the Territory Government’s flood mitigation measures.

Upgraded works include the enhancement of the Yarrawonga Road drainage and installation of new culverts under Wallaby Holtze Road – overall reducing the risk and impact of flooding events in Yarrawonga.

Upgrades to drainage measures are happening more broadly with works also occurring on the Stuart Highway, improving the corridor and stormwater drainage on Tulagi Road and creating 50 jobs.

The infrastructure project and others similar to this are part of the flood mitigation measures recommended by the Darwin Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee.

Northern Territory Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, Eva Lawler, said historically, a number of areas in the greater Darwin region have experienced flooding associated with unmitigated stormwater flows, particularly in Yarrawonga.

“The Darwin Region Flood Mitigation Report in 2015 recommended several structural and non-structural flood mitigation options for Rapid Creek, Ludmilla, Yarrawonga and Wadham Lagoon in Howard Springs.

“Implementation of these recommendations is continuing; delivering flood mitigation measures to better protect businesses, residents and their properties.”