Business Resilience Specialist at VicTrack

Brett Aimers

Adjunct Associate Professor Brett Aimers is an influential and future thinking public safety and disaster management professional. He holds several academic appointments including at James Cook University where he provides expert disaster management advice and guidance in relation to policy, practice, systems and concepts. 

Brett is also the Business Resilience Specialist at VicTrack, with responsibility for enhancing resiliency and overseeing response and recovery for emergencies of major consequence and maintaining a range of legislative requirements and functions. This role includes being the critical link between VicTrack and the Department of Transport, emergency services and the transport sector before, during and after major emergencies or similar events.

Now more than ever, Victorian public transport agencies are being called upon to deliver more services more often. This is occurring against a backdrop of unprecedented investment in and demand for public transport services. VicTrack owns Victoria’s transport land, assets and infrastructure and works to protect and grow the value of the portfolio, to support a thriving transport system, and make travel and living better for Victorians. 

In his presentation, Brett will explore the importance of and approach to maintaining resilience and a forward leaning emergency management posture within a contemporary provider of critical infrastructure. This will include the approach taken by VicTrack to prepare for, respond to and recover from incidents and emergencies and proactive measures taken to improve resilience.