Senior Partner and Operations Manager of Recovery Ready Communities Inc. and State Project Coordinator for Pilot Ready2Go Communities

Fiona Sewell

Fiona is a Senior Partner and the Operations Manager of Recovery Ready Communities Inc. (RRC) and the State Project Coordinator for the Community Led Ready2Go Disaster Resilience Program.

The RRC Inc. approach is founded on over 35 years’ collective experience and current research that points to the importance of community-led emergency planning. RRC has four key community-led emergency planning programs/initiatives which operate across the full spectrum of emergencies, from preparedness to relief and recovery. RRC works directly with interested communities to assist them to build their capacity and skills to face a range of natural and man-made disasters, with a strong focus on local leadership and valuing volunteerism.

Fiona has delivered and designed award-winning community programs in remedial disability support, migrant workplace safety induction, youth fire safety and community-led disaster resilience. Her broader experiences include research roles examining volunteer participation in community safety, understanding resilience in emergency services groups, behaviour change and youth fire safety and vulnerable people coping with extreme weather events.

Fiona Sewell has worked across the adult education and community development sectors for over 25 years and is an Alumni member of the Emergency Services Foundation. She has lived and worked in the Dandenong Ranges since 1990, has volunteered with the Country Fire Authority since 2003, during which time she has been instrumental in establishing the Macclesfield Disaster Recovery Group.

Fiona’s experience has shown that by utilising positive psychology and proven methodology, we can harness and build community capacity to face a range of challenges, and by doing so we can create far reaching benefits.