Operations Manager, Dams Safety NSW

Lidia Pajmakoska

Lidia is currently an Operations Manager of Dams Safety in NSW. She has 30 years’ experience in the operation and maintenance of diverse water networks and structures.

In her previous role as a Regional Water Networks Manager at Sydney Water, she was responsible for the delivery of the core and essential water services to two million customers in Sydney. During this time, she made a significant contribution to the development, implementation and commissioning of the Sydney Desalination Plant.

Lidia also performed the role of an incident team leader during major incidents such as bushfire emergencies (including Black Christmas 2001, and the 2002 bushfires) and large asset failures. 

She is currently involved in the development and implementation of the new Dam Safety Regulations in NSW, which also includes the planning and execution of Dam Safety Emergency plans.

Lidia will provide an insight into the new NSW Dams Safety Regulation 2019 and emergency planning for dams.