Senior Principal - Bushfire, EcoLogical Australia

Rod Rose

As Senior Principal, Rod focuses on high end bushfire work, often pioneering improvements nationally to bushfire protection, risk assessment and bushfire management at a landscape scale. He has been a leader in bushfire planning in Australia for three decades and has completed thousands of bushfire protection strategies and high-end bushfire protection projects, pioneered fire ecology/GIS strategies and continues to breakthrough red tape with good science and effective communication. 

Rod is innovative, pragmatic and highly regarded as an experienced and effective negotiator and facilitator. He continues to provide expert witness input to NSW, Queensland, WA and Federal Courts. Rod’s expertise has developed from more than 40 years in the bushfire and environmental management industry; including ‘hands-on’ roles in the NSW NPWS and NSW RFS through to business leadership and management, and pioneering roles in bushfire consulting. 

He is a highly competent/experienced team leader and trouble shooter. He is technically very strong; and is an astute planner and strategist. Between 1994 to November 2008, Rod was the Managing Director of BES (Bushfire and Environmental Services) which subsequently merged with ELA. Rod has held senior positions in land management, emergency management or bushfire management with Shoalhaven City Council, NSW NPWS and the NSW RFS where he managed over 1600 bushfires including many declared emergencies.